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Giving you the tools to help improve your life

Starting a counseling regime can be a difficult processes to deal with. From billing, to making and keeping appointments to just wondering if your even going to like your counselor…. We know this. without having to worry if your needs will be met in the areas you need to find the comfort and success you desire.

Having a Licensed Professional Counselor on staff and over 40 years of combined counseling experience lets you know that Acme has the experience you need to deal with all these areas. We at Acme pride ourselves on building a solid rapport with our clients, having an simple system for scheduling an edge that our counselors have the tools to meet you where you are and accommodate your needs.

For whatever your reason is in considering counseling we understand fully that this is a customer service industry.  You deserve to have not only your needs met in a timely manner, but your billing and documentation needs respected. We’re here for you…

A Judge's Gavel

Court Mandated Services

Acme Counseling is a state approved DUII & MIP education, diversion, and outpatient rehabilitation facility. Regardless of where in the United States one receives a citation, Acme can provide services.

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Addiction Services

Can you imagine living a healthy, fulfilling and drug-free life? Your self esteem restored, your relationships improved, and your career benefited? Just imagine how it will feel to have control over your own life again. Acme can help get you there.

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Mental Health Services

Mental health is a broad term. Its companion term, mental illness, is a catch-bag for a wide range of conditions that can affect your emotional state, your ability to make judgments, and rational functionality. At Acme, we strive to give individuals the tools improve their lives.

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