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Gambling Addiction

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Drug & Alcohol Counseling

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Cognitive Behavioral Therapy

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My Story

Over 25 years of assisting others...

My journey within the substance use/abuse field began twenty-five years ago, having obtained an Associates Degree in 1993. I started facilitating groups sessions for teens in the Los Angeles school district. While I felt I was doing good to help teens, I knew there was more I could do - so I set off to get my BS in Counseling so that I may get a better job, helping more people. Then 2011 came around, and I put forth the effort to start my own practice, thinking it would be the easiest way to help the most people.

The process of starting Acme Counseling was slow and painful. I still remember the days of being able to walk outside and not worry if the phone was going to ring. Since those painful days, Acme has grown into the counseling office that I had always imagined. We have friendly staff, our "systems" don't get in the way of proper treatment, and I get the opportunity to help people in my community every day.

...And I'm just getting started.