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The six steps to getting through a DUII

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Step 1: Get a DUII

If you're reading this right now, that mistake already happened. Here is the good news: if this is the only step you’ve gone through, you are fortunate to have the answers that the rest of the steps will provide.

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Step 2: Determine if you need a lawyer

If your DUII was simple and straightforward - meaning there were no injuries, other people involved, property damage, etc - the need for a lawyer is likely very low. Also, if your plan is to "fight the court," you should know that within the last 10 years, our professionals have only seen one (1) DUII dismissed.*

*PLEASE NOTE: Acme Counseling is not a legal service, and offers no true legal advice. We speak from our own personal experience, and nothing more.

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Step 3: Keep a folder of EVERY piece of paperwork pertaining to your DUII

It is not the court's, or anybody else's, responsibility to keep track of your payments, appointments, court dates, phone numbers, etc. You will be held accountable if you do not follow the instructions the court, or anyone else, has presented you.

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Step 4: Get your car out of impound before you can't afford it

It is costing you daily to have your car there, look in your paperwork to see where it is and get it out of there. YOUR LICENCE HAS NOT BEEN REVOKED YET, so you can get it drive it home, and park it.

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Step 5: Remember to review your paperwork often

Keeping yourself reminded about your court dates, appointments, payments, etc. is the easiest way to make sure you are keeping on the right track. If you find yourself missing any of your paperwork, call the associated organization(s) to receive new copies.

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Step 6: Meet and listen to your ADSS

After court (in both Linn and Benton counties) you will be assigned what is called an Alcohol and Drug Screening Specialist (ADSS). Be prepared to pay upon arrival, and in the terms deemed by the ADSS. If you are unsure of anything they tell you, ask questions, it is their job to answer them for you.

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